Okimi Taiwo Richard {Taizen} is a name of you will recongnize in EKSU as the best inspirational Rapper of the year
Taizen released a music at the course of last year that lead to this award given to him which is "TEPA MOSE"

1. What brought you to music line?
     Nobody, it's a talent from God and  I don't copy anybody's style.   

2. Who is your mentor & who influenced you to music?   
      I have lot of mentors which are; Wizkid ,  Pantoranking ,   M .   I ,   Olamide ,  Reminisce ,   Falz   and   Ycee .

3. Do you received support or advice from any of your teachers, relatives, friends or lecturer as a singer/rapper?
Yes, i do receive advice from my  friends, relatives and lecturer. 
4. How do you make time in writing your music?
    I don't write song down. It always come as inspiration. Whenever it comes, i always sing it time to time  not forget. Within two days, i would know everything. Writing song down is not really my favorite in music.   

5. What are the things you know about music?
       I   k n o w   d i f f e r e n t   t h i n g s   i n   m u s i c ,   i t   i n s p i r e   m e   a l w a y s ,   i t   a l w a y s r e m e m b e r   m e   o f   m y   g h e t t o   l i f e s t y l e   a n d   l o t s   m o r e   w h i c h   i   c a n ' t  j u s t   s a y   f i n i s h . 

6. What are the tools you wish you knew when you begin to ambit to be a rapper/singer?
      If i won't misquote you, it gives me different tools and they're very essential in my life. 

7. How has EKSU helped/impacted your music
      As Eksu is concerned, i have attended different shows in ekiti state university (Eksu) and i have been given award and ranked  as most inspirational rapper/singer and one of the best artist.  

8. What are your advice do you have for the upcoming artist?
       That's a good question. I will advise the upcoming artiste to keep it up with their talent and never relent. If someone is truly talented, i surely know that one day he/she will blow to the world.   

9. Who do you dedicate this award to?
       I dedicate the ward to my family, most especially my sweetest mom. I also dedicate it to my fans.   

 T h a n k s   f o r   y o u r   t i m e.

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