Taizen (Okimi Taiwo Richard) the young Rapper singer of Ekiti State University, once presented as the Rapper of the year in EKSU was awarded the Artist of the Year by ALEXANDER & CRAZY HOUSE OF LAUGH

I. How do you feel after winning the music competition ?
I was so excited when i won it
2. Who is your idol ?
   I would say my mom, mentors and fans are my idols

3. What is your ambition in life ?
My ambition is to be a popular musician in Nigeria and overseas.
4. What were the challenges and difficulties in this field ? There are lot of challenges and difficulties which i can't even mention finished. Part of it is money, but i have to thank God for letting me over come it every time.

5. Who supported you most to become a singer ?
My fans and My friends, mostly, my childhood friend (Jude-Jumerry)
6. What is your message to upcoming singers ?
My message to upcoming singers is to believe in God and they should never relent on their hard work (Tepa_Mose)
7. Are you confident about your future and career?
Yes, I'm fully confident about my career and i know my career pure. I know one day i will blow to the world.

8. Which type of music you like most, classical or western ?
   I like the two, both classical and western.
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