Buhari passed on this notice in his keynote address at the opening function of the Conference and Retreat for Senior Police Officers on Monday in Lagos.

The topic of the retreat is, 'Repositioning the Force for the Challenges of Effective Policing in the 21st Century.'

Spoken to by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Buhari said the administration the Police Force rendered was one Nigerians couldn't manage without, as it was the nearest to the grassroots.

As per him, there are police headquarters all over the place and the police over each other help speak to lawfulness to the normal Nigerian.

"Which is the reason the police can't escape open examination and here and there analysis; Nigerian individuals old and youthful need our Police power to be better and to improve; they need to be significantly prouder of your administration than at any other time.

"This is the reason in a portion of our urban territories we need to see more consistence with the standard of law and in managing Nigerians.

"As of late numerous common society gatherings have griped about the capture of youngsters and ladies since they look fruitful and are conveying workstations.

"Indeed we should secure yippee lawbreakers however we can't bother youngsters and ladies in the city and in taxis the majority of whom are just approaching their real organizations.

"There are likewise instances of extra legal killings and wounds; abuse of weapons and over the top utilization of power by certain individuals from the power.

"This kind of direct by a couple of awful cops must stop; and it is the obligation of you senior and vital pioneers of the Police power to guarantee that exemption of any sort is debilitated and rebuffed where it is found.''

Buhari said that the Nigeria Police power was one of the proudest National resources as it was the biggest police power in Africa.

He said that the power had the absolute best prepared and best taught people.

The president said that Nigerian police officers had served wherever locally and universally with remarkable outcomes.

"The Nigeria police power drove police harmony keeping exercises in Congo, Namibia,Angola,Western Sahara,Somalia , Liberia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia Herzegovina , Croatia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, East Timor.

"Locally in the previous one year alone the Nigeria police has among January and this month captured more than ;2,348 Armed Robbery suspects – 1,412 Suspected ruffians 694 Murder Suspects, 1,513 Cultists securely saved 826 Kidnap unfortunate casualties, recouped 1,660 guns and 1612 vehicles.

"Throughout obligation such a large number of have paid the preeminent cost; while fending off looters, hijackers and different culprits many have been debilitated forever.''

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