Advice for the Upcoming Artist

The Nigerian music industry of today is loaded up with heaps of youthful gifts. So it is constantly an insane hustle for each up and coming craftsman who needs to become famous in the business.

I have chosen to make out 6 things you ought to do as an up and coming craftsman for you to be in front of other up and coming craftsmen in Nigeria.

1. Tolerance

As a forthcoming artiste, disappointment will come following quite a while of putting exertion to the hustle yet at the same time a whole lot of nothing result.

Many do surrender since they can't deal with this dissatisfaction. You ought to consistently empower yourself having at the top of the priority list that most top artistes didn't make it that simple.

It took the greater part of them long periods of attempting and they were once dismissed by the said group of spectators who value them today.

2. Quality

This is a significant part of music. As an up and coming craftsman you should attempt to work more on your rhymes, blending and acing.

Ensure you work with a studio that have a superior sound card, a not too bad condenser amplifier and find in any event a semi-proficient who will blend and ace your melody.

3. Get A Slogan 

"Notin dey occur", "Yaga", "Wayasay", "Skiboroboskibo", "Iskaba", "O.B.O Baddest" are some mainstream trademarks from a portion of our top craftsmen in the business.

Get something interesting and make everything yours.

4. Promotion

You need advancement to get your necessary lift. Get your melody on radio broadcasts, consistently perform on road appears, relate with DJ's for your tune to get a spot on their blend tape.

What's more, remember to consistently advance your melodies on top diversion locales, for example, Naijaloaded and Hootrends

"Indeed, even genuine abilities still need promotion" Falz" talk am.

5. Quit Waiting For Record Label

Simply think and do your own thing.

These days, names barely sign an artistes without a fruitful free profession.

6. Have A Backup Plan 

Attempt to have a reinforcement plan ought to on the off chance that things turned out poorly arranged, I exhortation you get an instructive capability or better still get familiar with an exchange.

On the off chance that you don't have a clue, most top artistes are degree holders.

The End!!

Composed By
Ifeanyi Ekwueme of

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